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Stuck in a traffic jam on the way home? Read this.


With Labour apparently just abandoning Reading to its fate, we need a transport revolution in Reading to give us air we can breathe and rid us of traffic gridlock.

The first thing we think about should not be how do we get more cars on our roads, it should be less. With no plan at all for Reading’s roads other than constant resurfacing over the resurfacing, we desperately need a real shift towards walking, cycling and public transport that goes where we need at a price we can afford.

Greens know that sometimes we need to say no. No to Labour’s awful concrete jungle on the riverside, that they called an East Reading ‘MRT’. But we also need to say yes. Yes to a coherent plan for the future, to reduce car journeys across and through Reading, and to a whole suite of changes that help people become less dependent on their cars.

Yes to a real rollout of electric charging points, segregated cycle lanes in the right places, and even to road-closures outside our schools to protect our children.

Its time for change, and it needs to happen now before our air becomes too thick with indecision and inaction to breathe.

A vote for a Green Councillor is a vote to get Reading moving again.

On Thursday 5th May, we can make a difference.