Greens work tirelessly, all year round, alongside our local communities. Together we have achieved much, but there is still plenty to do. We want to make our vision for a fairer, greener and more affordable area a reality. Get involved and make a difference.

Our priorities for a fairer, greener, more affordable town

1. CLIMATE ACTION AND GREEN SPACE: Doubling Reading’s tree cover, zero carbon and protecting our wildlife will improve our green spaces and environment.

2. TACKLING POVERTY: We will insulate houses to bring down energy bills. Also our campaign means the council is now an accredited Living Wage employer. All organisations should pay at least a Living Wage.

3. OUR COMMUNITY: More support for residents organising community initiatives like the street parties and Play Streets in their roads will bring neighbourhoods together after Covid.

4. CLEANING UP READING: We will push for kerbside glass collection, action on fly-tipping and support reuse groups to promote better waste management.

5. HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT: Boosting walking and cycling with 20mph zones and car-free school streets will cut congestion and air pollution. Solutions like a Clean Air Zone will protect our green spaces from more road-building.

6. PROTECTING PUBLIC SERVICES: The leader of the council shouldn’t be getting a huge pay rise when public services are being cut. Libraries, swimming pools, arts venues and children’s play areas are vital to residents’ physical and mental health.

7. AFFORDABLE HOUSING: More council housing, funding for tackling rough sleeping, licensing all landlords and a mass insulation scheme will mean a safe, warm home for all.

8. GREAT SCHOOLS: We will work for well ventilated Covid-secure schools. More support for children to catch up on missed education and have good mental health. No child should be going hungry in the holidays or any time.

9. BETTER CARE: Improved terms for carers will improve care. We’ve worked with UNISON to support their Ethical Care Charter. This will see carers getting at least a Living Wage and an end to zero hour contracts and rushed 15-minute care visits.

10. LOCAL BUSINESSES: Investment in local shopping areas will encourage variety in our local shops and support locally sourced, affordable food.

11. READING’S CULTURE: Support for local artists and our conservation areas will strengthen our culture and protect our heritage for future generations.

12. HEALTH: Protecting budgets to tackle drug and alcohol dependency. Increased support for mental health across the borough will all support public health.

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