Jamie Whitham crosses the road

Crossing patrols saved, and other road safety

10 October 2019

Following Green campaigning Labour Council reverses plans to cut school crossing patrol, and are now lobbying for improvements to the new Wokingham Road zebra crossing.

Louise Keane (right) campaigning

Katesgrove, what issues are important to you?

13 September 2019

Please complete our online survey so we can work with you to make Reading a better place to live.

Louise Keane litter picking

Louise Keane finishes in second place at the council elections in Katesgrove ward

12 September 2019

Green Party candidate for Katesgrove Ward, Louise Keane got an amazing 326 votes at the recent council elections.

We need a Peoples’ Vote

09 September 2019

Speaking at a rally, Cllr Rob White said: "We need a Peoples’ Vote"

Erleigh Road Community Garden

09 September 2019

The community garden is a hidden gem in East Reading located behind St Luke’s parish hall

Save Cemetery Junction Arch

09 September 2019

Reading Council has thankfully paused plans to auction off the Arch at Cemetery Junction

Arthur Hill sale falls through

09 September 2019

Labour's sale of Arthur Hill Swimming Pool for yet more flats has fallen through

Derelict car park at Thames Valley Park

Another derelict car park on the Thames?

26 August 2019

SOAR and a growing cross party of local councillors ask Wokingham Council to call a halt to the construction of the Park-and-Ride site by the Wokingham Waterside Centre so that it can be properly re-evaluated.

Petition to save Arthur Hill pool following collapse of sale

22 July 2019

Reading Labour’s plans to sell Arthur Hill swimming pool have collapsed and the Council is now reviewing options for the future of the site. Greens urge people to sign petition for the council to reconsider opening the pool and consult the public on this.

2019 local election count

Don’t lose your voice – Look out for new canvass forms this week

19 July 2019

73,000 annual canvass forms are being sent to households across Reading as part this year’s Annual Canvass.

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