Councillor Dave McElroy’s campaigning on Reading Council emptying bins on time pays off

Councillor Dave McElroy (Green Party, Redlands) has welcomed council investment in emptying bins as part of the council’s budget. This is following much Green Party campaigning on missed and delayed bin collections.

Green councillors have for some time been campaigning on Labour-run Reading Council’s poor record on delayed and missed bin collections. At the peak of missed bin collections, 868 bins were missed in August 2023 compared to the performance standard of 250, and one week in November saw all roads have a delayed green bin collection; 211 roads have a delay with the grey bin and 114 roads have a delay with the red bin.

The council’s budget papers say that 71 full-time workers are required to empty everyone’s bins on time, but the council’s current waste budget only provides for 60 people. The council is going to increase funding in this area by £405,000 to pay for the correct number of people.

Cllr Dave McElroy said: “Residents have been raising missed and delayed bin collections for some time. These problems lead to blocked pavements, more fly-tipping, and more litter on our roads. We have been continually raising this issue and lobbying for the council to employ enough people so that everyone’s bins are emptied on time.

“While I’m sure that local rat populations will be disappointed, we are glad that this Green Party pressure has paid off and that the council is increasing the budget needed to clean up its own mess.”

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