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Greens support tree planting across Katesgrove Ward and town



New Katesgrove Green councillor Doug Cresswell says,

“You may have noticed tree planting around the Katesgrove Ward, like on Clent Road, Charndon Close, Spring Terrace, Home Farm Close and Bourne Avenue. Greens have been pushing for more tree planting to improve the local area, tackle pollution and help wildlife.

Green councillor for Park Ward Josh Williams said:  "Trees have also gone in across the town. We will keep pushing for a greener, cleaner and fairer town. Let us know how the trees get on and do suggest other locations for tree planting.”

Tree planting locations:

Addington Rd, south side betw. Alexandra Rd and Malvern Crt
Allcroft Rd, o/s 32
Alexander Rd, close to 83
Beech Rd jn Sycamore Rd
Beech Rd jn Linden Rd
Beech Rd jn Shinfield Rd
Blagdon Rd jn Hazel Cres
Blagdon Rd jn Linden Rd
Brockley Cl jn Links Dr
Berkeley Ave o/s 93/95
Birdhill Ave north end
Birdhill Ave corners
Birdhill Ave o/s 82/83
Clent Road
Charndon Close
Spring Terrrace end of Charndon Cl
Hemdean Rd jn Brill Cl
Hemdean Rd, various locations
Hemdean Rd jn Victoria Rd
Church Rd opp. Cav Crt
Cressingham Rd jn Barnsdale Rd
Downshire Square
Granville Rd o/s 38 entrance
Hilltop Rd jn Woodcote Way
Canal Way replacements
Silverthorne Drive o/s 39
St Mary's Butts, o/s Burger King
St Peter's Ave. o/s 164
Southcote Lane cnr Frilsham Rd
Overdown Road o/s 133
Western Elms Ave opp. 13
Woodcote Way: cnr Fernbrook 1; cnr Geoffreyson 2
Woodcote Way, cnr Westdene Cres 1: cnr Hilltop Rd 2; o/s newsagent 1
Woodcote Way: cnr Shepherds Lane
Wrenfield Dr o/s 2 (replacement); o/s 3
Sheridan Avenue: o/s 24, 28, 33, 42, 60, 62, 87
Henley Road layby
A33 roundabout
Heath Rd
Kingsbridge Rd, o/s 15
Kidmore End Road, o/s 19
Ennerdale Road
Fulmead Rd/Sherwood St cut through
Westdene Cres o/s 7 opp exg tree
Warwick Road, o/s 7/9
Sheridan Avenue: o/s 35
Silchester Road
Hatford Road, o/s 55
Brooklyn Dr, o/s 11
Home Farm Close
cnr Faircross and Southcote Lane
planter o/s Evans Cycles
Bennet Road
Bourne Avenue
Heath Road
cnr Parkside Rd and Tilehurst Rd
Chatham Street
Granville Rd o/s 42
Frogmore Way, side of 44 Granville Rd
Gainsborough Rd, rear of 42 Granville Rd (opp 85/87)
Falmouth Road
Bourne Avenue/Foxhays
Marlborough Road
County Lock (behind BDB Pitman offices, nr Oracle roundabout)
25 Deveron Dr, side of Ballantre Hse
Gillette Way
Civic (Queen's Jubilee)
Reading Station