Toilets needed in Palmer Park. Sign our petition for action

Councillors Brenda McGonigle, Josh Williams and Rob White campaigning for better toilets in Palmer Park.

The Victorian heritage toilet block has been left to rot by the council for decades. we deserve better! Sign our petition During the pandemic the toilets in the  Palmer Park Café and Sports Stadium were
closed to park users, leaving no public facilities in Reading’s best park.

Councillor Brenda McGonigle says, “We’re asking the Labour Council to please save, restore, and re-open the old Palmer Park toilet block. It is right next to the much-used play area, and families need toilets. These historic buildings should be restored and used again instead of being left to rot!”

“This is a win-win. The disused toilet block and other buildings in the park are part of Reading’s heritage and should be preserved for the future. This would create much-needed toilets in the play area.” Sign our petition to reopen the toilets:

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