Katesgrove Ward team: Councillor Doug Cresswell, Councillor Louise Keane and candidate Kate Nikulina

Councillor Doug Cresswell

Councillor Doug Cresswell was elected in 2022. He has lived in Reading for over 25 years. He works as a teacher. In his spare time, Doug is in a local band and enjoys rock climbing with his family.

Doug says, “It is an honour to represent Katesgrove Ward. I have been working to tidy up the ward and campaigning for greener, warmer homes to cut fuel bills and carbon emissions. This would make the town more affordable. I will keep working hard and standing up for Katesgrove Ward.”

Contact details:


07791 855575

Councillor Louise Keane

Councillor Louise Keane has lived in Katesgrove Ward for over 19 years. She has worked in health and social care over the last 25 years. In her spare time, Louise enjoys music, walking, and looking after her pets.

Louise has stood and campaigned in Katesgrove Ward for many years, winning in 2022. Louise says, “I love Katesgrove Ward where I live. Recently I have been working to tackle fly-tipping, litter and waste problems. I will keep working hard and standing up for Katesgrove Ward.”

Contact details:


07951 858923

Candidate Kate Nikulina

Kate Nikulina has lived in Reading since 2019. She works for a courier business and volunteers supporting the Ukrainian community. In her spare time, Kate enjoys swimming, languages (currently learning Spanish), and cats.

Kate, who has been campaigning in Katesgrove Ward all year round, says, “It would be an honour to represent Katesgrove. I have met many people on the doorstep and have been working to make Katesgrove better. I will keep working hard and standing up for Katesgrove Ward.”

Contact details:


07946 434479

Vote Green in Katesgrove

It is between Green and Labour in Katesgrove. Greens did so well at the council elections recently that we overtook the Conservatives becoming the second largest party on Reading’s Labour-run council (32 Labour councillors, 7 Green, 5 Conservative and 3 Lib Dem).

Vote Green at the council elections for hard work year-round and a strong main opposition party holding the Labour-run council to account for their actions.

Katesgrove Ward achievements:

  • Worked to tackle fly-tipping, litter and bin problems on Whitley Street and across the ward
  • Got trees planted on Whitley Street to protect the green space
  • Successfully campaigned for more funding for Waterloo Meadows.

Katesgrove Ward priorities

  • Tackling rubbish problems – tackling fly-tipping, making sure people have the right bins and working for doorstep glass recycling
  • Addressing antisocial behaviour
  • Action on the cost-of-living crisis, financial support, and better-insulated homes cutting fuel bills and emissions

Manifesto – a fairer, greener and cleaner town

The Reading Green Party manifesto is here: https://reading.greenparty.org.uk/manifesto/

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