Park Ward team: Councillors Rob White, Josh Williams and Brenda McGonigle

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Councillor Rob White
Cllr Rob White has lived in Newtown in Park Ward since 2009. He has worked in the care sector and as a gardener. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring the local area and learning to play the ukulele.

Rob was first elected in 2010 and so has 12 years of councillor experience. Rob says, “I am proud to represent Park Ward where I live. Over the years we have got much done on everything from a real Living Wage to tackling poverty and combatting climate change, but the Labour run council continues not to listen to residents and so there is still much more to do. I will keep working hard for Park Ward and holding the Council to account.”

Contact details:
07985 923938

Councillor Josh Williams
Cllr Josh Williams has lived in Park Ward for 13 years. Josh is involved with community groups ranging from gardening to road safety. In their spare time, Josh enjoys spending time with their young family in Palmer Park come rain or shine.

Josh was first elected in 2014 and has eight years of councillor experience. Josh says, “It is an honour to represent where I live. Recently I have been working to improve road safety on Crescent Road with the School Streets initiative. I will keep working hard and making sure we have a voice on the Council.”

Contact details:
07766 234 602

Councillor Brenda McGonigle
Cllr Brenda McGonigle has lived in Park Ward for 19 years. Brenda has worked as a hairdresser and in customer services. In Brenda’s spare time, they enjoy gardening, games and a bit of DIY.

Brenda was first elected in 2016 and so has six years of councillor experience. Brenda says, “I love Park Ward where I live. You will often find me working to pick litter, report fly tipping and tidy up the area. I will keep working hard and standing up for Park Ward.”

Contact details:
07803 130 499


Park Ward achievements:
- Worked to improve road safety with improvements at Cemetery Junction, 20 mph across the ward and most recently getting a school street trial for Crescent Road
- Protected the Thames Side from Labour’s plan to build a destructive road there
- Stood up for public services like Arthur Hill swimming pool, Palmer Park library and the children centres.

Park Ward priorities
- Tackling rubbish problems – tackling fly-tipping, making sure people have the right bins and working for doorstep glass recycling
- Addressing antisocial behaviour – working to tackle noise and other antisocial behaviour in the ward
- Protecting and improving our green spaces – such as the Thames Side from Labour’s roadbuilding plan which is still not dead.

Reading achievements and mini manifesto
Greens have worked hard for a fairer, more affordable and more sustainable town. They have got the council to:

- become a Living Wage employer to tackle poverty
- produce a climate change strategy and install more solar panels
- improve terms and conditions for care workers

The Reading Green Party mini manifesto for 2022 is here: