Rob and Jamie outside the Uni… or part of it, at least.

University relations

23 October 2019

Greens are working with the University to tackle problems, keep students safe and improve relations.

Dave at t'litter pick.

Have you got time to help clean up the local area?

22 October 2019

Cllr Jamie Whitham and David McElroy have been organising litter picks across Redlands to tidy up the area and build community.

Brenda, Rob and Josh at ye olde swimming baths

Arthur Hill Pool flats sale falls through

18 October 2019

Greens support re-opening this much-loved swimming pool and creating key worker housing on the council's Cumberland Road site.

Brenda campaigning, with street parking

Phase 1 of permit parking scheme goes live

14 October 2019

Greens will keep working to improve parking and free-up pavements for walking.

A Jamie Whitham classic, now with less Jamie Whitham

CLIMATE EMERGENCY: Insulating our homes

14 October 2019

Cllr Jamie Whitham says he will keep lobbying the Council to ensure all buildings in the town become zero carbon.

Jamie Whitham crosses the road

Crossing patrols saved, and other road safety

10 October 2019

Following Green campaigning Labour Council reverses plans to cut school crossing patrol, and are now lobbying for improvements to the new Wokingham Road zebra crossing.

Louise Keane (right) campaigning

Katesgrove, what issues are important to you?

13 September 2019

Please complete our online survey so we can work with you to make Reading a better place to live.

Louise Keane litter picking

Louise Keane finishes in second place at the council elections in Katesgrove ward

12 September 2019

Green Party candidate for Katesgrove Ward, Louise Keane got an amazing 326 votes at the recent council elections.

We need a Peoples’ Vote

09 September 2019

Speaking at a rally, Cllr Rob White said: "We need a Peoples’ Vote"

Erleigh Road Community Garden

09 September 2019

The community garden is a hidden gem in East Reading located behind St Luke’s parish hall

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