Reading Central – massive increase in Green vote – thank you!

Reading Central Green MP candidate Dave McElroy quintupled our vote share.

Green MP candidate Councillor Dave McElroy got the biggest vote increase of any party in Reading Central, compared to last year’s Reading East election.

Thank you for all your support!

Quintupling (x5) Reading Central vote share!

A big thanks for all of your support. In Reading Central Green MP candidate Dave McElroy quintupled (x5) our vote share. He finished in a very respectable third place with 14% of the vote overall. This is an amazing result for the Green Party locally.

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Quadrupling number of Green Party MPs!

Across the country the Green Party has quadrupled its number of MPs winning all of our national targets. We now have four hard-working Green MPs to hold the new Labour government to account and push for policies to tackle the climate crisis, fund the NHS and make sure everyone has a decent roof over their heads. They will also keep working for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and for hostages to be released.

Other great results

A big shout out to Green MP candidate for Earley and Woodley Gary Shacklady for getting 7.4% of the vote, Merv Boniface in Wokingham on 3.6%, Carolyne Culver in Reading West and Mid Berks on 6.8% and Steve Masters in Newbury on 5.5%.

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Cllr Rob White

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