Reading Green Party Launches Biggest Ever General Election Campaign!

Reading Green Party kicks off its campaign to get Dave McElroy elected as MP for Reading Central

General election campaign launch

Launching the Green Party general election campaign in Reading Central today, candidate Dave McElroy said:
“Today we’re kicking off our biggest and boldest Green campaign ever. In June, the choice of a fairer, greener town will be on the ballot paper for every voter in Reading Central.

“Living standards and public services are in desperate shape. The Conservatives created this problem, and people have decided that they don’t want more of the same from Rishi and his gang. But the offer from Labour comes nowhere near meeting the challenge either.

“As a local Green MP, I promise to prioritise the housing crisis in Reading and to fight in Parliament to address congestion and pollution. I shall also be pushing for measures to cut NHS waiting lists and to clean up our toxic waterways.

“Looking internationally, I shall join with other Green MPs in calling for climate action and for a full ceasefire in Gaza, the release of all hostages and the suspension of arms exports to Israel.

“Greens are now the official opposition on Reading Borough Council, with literally twice as many councillors in this town as the Conservatives. The contest in Reading Central will be a two-horse race between Greens and Labour.

I am proud to offer the voters of Reading real hope and real change.”


If you have time to get involved with the campaign you can volunteer here:

If you can spare some money to pay for campaign materials, please donate here:

Thank you!

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