Reading Council is missing at least 616 bin collections per month

The council has continued to fall short with regards to bin collections, missing on average at least 616 bin collections each month: over double their performance standard of 250. Over the year so far on average 616 people per month have reported having their bins missed. But not everyone files a report so the actual number of bins missed is far larger.

Previously, Greens have successfully campaigned for a narrower waste collection vehicle in order to reduce the number of bins missed but clearly more is needed.

Councillor Dave McElroy (Green Party, Redlands Ward) has been working on this issue. He said: “Recently reports of missed bin collections have been very high. Too many bin collections are not being collected, sometimes whole roads. This is causing frustration as well as contributing to litter and fly tipping. First of all the council needs a decent system so it can drill into the reasons these bins are being missed. This will then allow them to focus work more effectively to tackle this problem. Greens will keep lobbying for action.”

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