How to get a resident’s 30% discount at council leisure centres

See below for how to get a resident’s 30% discount at Palmer Park, South Reading, Rivermead and Meadway leisure centres (now run by GLL/Better). We are sharing this information because unfortunately the council and GLL haven’t made it easy to find.

You can get the discount by having a “Better Adult/Junior Resident” membership from the website. It is free.

1. Go to the website

2. Select your home leisure centre.

3. Select “Single Payment” as your payment type (this is the important step, otherwise the resident membership doesn’t come up!).

4. Select your appropriate resident membership for £0.00 “Better Adult Resident”, “Better Adult Concessionary” (this gives you an up to 50% discount) or “Better Junior”.

5. Follow the rest of the steps on the website to confirm your order and you should be emailed your resident membership details.

*As we write this post (24/01/2023) there is no definitive list of what activities the discount applies to and what activities it doesn’t apply to. For example it currently works for some types of swim but not others. When we have more information we will update this post.

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