50 hours of sewage spills into Reading river

Reading Sewage Works run by Thames water dumped raw sewage into the Foundry Brook six times in 2021 for a total of 50 hours.

Green councillor for Katesgrove Ward Doug Cresswell said: “We have had residents on Elgar Road, which backs onto the River Kennet, complaining about the smell in the river behind their houses. We need more action from Thames Water to tackle the dumping of raw sewage into our rivers in Reading and across the country. We want fish not faeces.”

A spill happens during heavy rain when the sewage treatment works fill up, the overflow tanks fill up and then any additional sewage goes straight into the Foundry Brook untreated.

Earlier in the year the Environment Agency slammed water companies for their record on pollution. At the same time Thames Water’s boss Sarah Bentley is getting paid millions of pounds per year plus a substantial bonus.

Councillor Cresswell continued: “It is utterly shameful that water bosses are taking home millions of pounds of pay and bonuses a year while their companies lay siege to our natural environment by dumping raw sewage into our waterways. Thames water needs to invest more money to eliminate raw sewage overflowing into our rivers.”


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