Reading and Wokingham Green Party Manifesto 2018


Greens work tirelessly, all year round, alongside our local communities. Together we have achieved much, but there is still plenty to do. We want to make our vision for a fairer, healthier and more affordable area a reality. Get involved and make a difference.

10 principled, courageous policies to make more caring towns


 1. We will stand up for public services and oppose cruel austerity. Libraries, swimming pools and arts venues are vital to the health of the town. We will support these public services.

 2. We want to cut congestion and pollution. We will create a safer and more pleasant environment for everyone by boosting walking and cycling through the introduction of 20mph zones where people live and work. We will protect green space from crass, ill-thought-out development, and oppose Labour’s plans for a road beside our river.

 3. We want everyone to have access to a decent, affordable and well insulated house. We will achieve this by working for more council housing, licensing landlords and a mass insulation scheme.

 4. We’re delighted that our campaign for a Living Wage has resulted in Reading Council becoming an Accredited Living Wage employer. We will continue working for all organisations to pay at least a Living Wage.

 5.  We want to see local authorities put back in control of school place planning and an end to the free-school experiment. We want a great local school for everyone - we will fight the mandatory change of schools into Academies.

 6. We will follow through on our work with UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter in Reading and ensure that carers get a Living Wage, that the misuse of zero-hour contracts is ended, and rushed 15-minute care visits are lengthened. Through improved terms for carers we will improve care.

 7. Less waste, more reuse and better recycling: We want to reduce the amount of waste, fly tipping and litter and reduce the effect it has on our environment.  We will push for proper disposal of food waste including energy reclaimed through anaerobic digestion, more support for reuse organisations and for kerbside glass collection for recycling.

 8. Building community - We will continue to support residents to organise community-building initiatives in their roads. This year we will be supporting the Big Lunch and Play Streets projects - bringing neighbourhoods together to build community. 

 9. We will invest more in local shopping areas, encourage variety in our local shops and support locally sourced, affordable food. Small and medium businesses are the backbone of a thriving economy.

10. We will assist in the promotion of a Greater Reading Artists Network (GRAN) to support culture and heritage. This will facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas and be a hub for finding out what is happening culturally in the area, building on the Year of Culture 2016.

What we've achieved…


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