Richard Walkem (Kentwood ward candidate)

Richard Walkem is the Kentwood candidate.

Richard Walkem has lived in neighbouring Norcot Ward for 11 years, with is wife and young family. His main reason for standing for the Green Party are that not enough is being done locally to curb climate change or to hold on to local society infrastructure such as council playgroups and drop-in groups for new parents, which helped his family to be confident and networked with other families just a few years ago.

Richard passionately believes in investing in your local community. He currently works a as a teacher in a local school, and is also the Treasurer of a local church. When not working behind a screen, Richard enjoys exploring the woods and parks with his children, and cycling.

Richard Walkem lives in West Reading. He works as a teacher and is interested in cycling and spending time with his young children. If elected Richard will work to make sure the council acts on climate change. He said: "I would love to help the council with large scale changes which would help us to live more sustainably by cycling, reducing landfill waste and promoting the local economy. In Reading, some areas have 30% of the people living in fuel poverty, having to choose between heating and eating. This is not acceptable. We need a massive insulation scheme generating decent jobs, cutting people's bills and cutting carbon emissions. We only have one world and one chance."

See here for our council policies, to create a more caring council.

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