Louise Keane (Katesgrove ward candidate)

21 November 2019

Louise Keane mug shot


Louise Keane said: "What a year we’ve had! My name is Louise, and I am the Katesgrove Green Party candidate. I will listen and be the hard-working, visible Green voice that Katesgrove deserves."

Green action – working hard all year round, with you
Louise lives in the heart of Katesgrove on Edgehill Street. She has been working hard with Cllr Rob White (Green Party) to improve the area for the last two years and has met many residents. Louise works with residents all year round and has:

- Worked to stop cars from parking on the Whitley Street green space
- Helped get the Woodley Arms site tidy; tackled fly-tipping and litter ward-wide
- Supported residents in the pandemic, promoting food banks and tackling housing issues.

Louise continued: "If elected as your councillor I will continue to work on issues important to you – litter picking, planting trees and fixing potholes. I will listen and keep you informed all year, not just at election time – sign up for our road emails."

Elect an active Green voice – we can win in 2021
Did you know you currently have three Labour councillors in Katesgrove? At this year’s election you have one vote and could elect Louise as your Green Party councillor. Louise finished second last time and would be an active Green voice for Katesgrove (and you would still have two Labour councillors). It will be close between Louise and Labour.

Louise concluded: "If there is anything I can do to help, please get in touch. I care so much about our area. I am really looking forward to getting stuck in as a councillor, listening and working together to make Katesgrove better."

m: 07951 858923 e: louise@readinggreenparty.org.uk

See here for our council policies, to create a more caring council.

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