Adrian Windisch (Wokingham campaigner)

24 May 2018

Adrian Windisch (right)

Adrian Windisch has been a member of the party since 2004 and was Chair of the Reading and Wokingham Greens for seven years, running for Parliament in two previous General Elections standing in Reading West; and ten times in local elections in the wards of Park, Battle, Tilehurst, and Bulmershe and Whitegates.

Adrian is an engineer by profession; specialising in the infrastructure and sanitation of water supplies. He has practical experience of how technology can be used positively and sustainably in communities. Adrian says: “Engineering is very practical with its basis in science. I am used to getting things done in difficult circumstances and under pressure. I work with a diverse range of people from all backgrounds; on site, with professional architects, project managers and other engineers as well as with communities and other stake-holders to negotiate and achieve positive outcomes. Although gender equality and ethnic diversity has increased in recent elections it seems that our Parliament is becoming less representative in terms of education and occupation, and continues to attract similar types of people from a rather narrow professional base. I understand the real value of things.”

Adrian provides his engineering expertise to RedR; an international humanitarian NGO that trains people and supports communities to prepare, respond and recover from natural and man-made disasters. He assists in their work of disaster relief and rehabilitation both internationally and in the UK; and he has the awareness, skills and experience of managing individuals and groups in critical situations. Adrian spent three months in Tanzania building a school for a remote community with a group of volunteers. Enduring scorpion bites and snakes on site, he learned to cope and goes on to say: “It was a privilege to support a community better themselves. Our MPs are facing problems of understanding the wider world. I have experience working with groups and individuals in critical situations and understand the problems this lack of understanding can bring to society.”

Adrian has a young family and has lived in the Wokingham constituency for four years; living in West Reading for nine years prior. He and his family school, shop, socialise and access healthcare services in Wokingham and have strong links with the borough. “Wokingham is a prosperous area with distinctive characteristics and is concerned with sustainability. We can flourish as an environmental example to the wider world; of how to live well with each other and our surroundings and build a greener and sustainable future for our families and generations to come.”

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0118 9567190
0780 2671606

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