Trees help end Whitley Street mud bath

12 February 2021

New trees on Whitley Street 

Louise Keane has worked hard to get new trees planted to protect grass on Whitley Street.

Cars have been parking on the grass by Greggs on Whitley Street. This has turned the grass into a muddy mess. Following Louise Keane’s work the council have planted trees to make it harder for people to park on this area. The council will also be installing some planters to act as bollards.

Louise Keane, Green Katesgrove campaigner who finished second at the last council elections, has been campaigning to improve the area. She said: "thanks to all the people who signed our petition and worked on this issue including Katesgrove Community Association. I live locally on Edgehill Street and will keep an eye on this valuable green space. We will keep working hard with residents all year round to tackle problems and make the area better."

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