Don't close access to the Thames and Horseshoe Bridge

1 February 2021

Road closure sign

SGN plans to close the Kennetside to upgrade gas equipment. With the Napier Road underpass already closed this means East Reading residents will not easily be able to use the Kennetside to get to the Thames, Horseshoe Bridge, over to Kings Meadow and the Napier Road Tesco area.

Councillor Brenda McGonigle (Green Party) has launched a petition to maintain access along Kennetside to the Horseshoe Bridge. The petition can be signed here.

Network Rail have closed the Napier Road underpass from January 2021 until April 2021 to work on the tunnel.

SGN plan to close the Kennetside at the bottom of Cholmeley Road up to the first railway bridge from February 2 until March 9 so they can upgrade the gas equipment. This will deny access from Newtown to the Thames, Horseshoe Bridge and beyond. With both routes from Newtown to Kings Meadow, the Napier Rd, Tesco and beyond closed this means people will need to go a very long way round to get.

Green councillor Brenda McGonigle said: “The Napier Rd underpass is currently closed and now SGN are planning to close the Kennetside path to the Thames and the Horseshoe Bridge. This will be a massive inconvenience, especially at a time when this area is highly popular for relaxation and exercise. Reading Council needs to apply maximum pressure on SGN to keep part of the path open and complete the works as speedily as possible.

“We have asked the council to urgently raise some possible solutions with SGN. Working 7 days a week to reduce the time it takes. Investigating a floating path or a path through the New Town school car park. We have also asked Network Rail what they can do to speed up the works on the Napier Road underpass but disappointingly they said 'nothing'. We will keep working hard for residents on this.”


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