More than 126 new trees for Reading!

30 December 2020

Louise on Whitley St green

Green Katesgrove campaigner Louise Keane highlighting the muddy patch created by cars parking on the grass by Greggs on Whitley Street. At the last council elections in Katesgrove Ward Louise finished in 2nd place.

More than 126 trees are set to be planted across Reading over the current planting season as part of a campaign to increase Reading's canopy cover - see below for a list of roads where trees will be planted.

Green campaigner Louise Keane and Reading's Green Party councillors have been working hard to get more trees planted in Reading. They have been proposing locations for new trees to the council. They have also been pushing for controls to ensure that trees are properly watered-in and that developers plant everything they promise.

Louise Keane, Katesgrove Ward Green campaigner who finished 2nd at the last council elections in the ward said: "In Katesgrove I've been working with residents for more trees to be planted on the green by Greggs on Whitley Street to stop cars from parking on the grass and turning it into a mud bath. It is great to see this location on the list. We also want bollards in this location, please sign the petition at

Brenda McGonigle, Green councillor, said: "More trees across the town, including many suggested by Green councillors, will help make Reading a greener, healthier and more enjoyable place to live. Campaign pressure from Greens and others has previously pushed the council to set an improved target of 25 per cent canopy cover by 2030 – but there's still a long way to go to make that a reality."

Trees will be planted in the following streets (in alphabetical order):

  • Alexandra Rd
  • Amity Rd
  • Bagnall Way
  • Balmore Walk
  • Barnwood Close
  • Bennet Rd
  • Blagrave Rec
  • Broad Street
  • Buckingham Drive
  • Carlisle Road
  • Caversham Court Gardens
  • Caversham Rd
  • Christchurch Meadows
  • Church Rd (Cav)
  • Craven Rd
  • Cumberland Rd/Avon Place
  • Darwin Close
  • Downshire Square
  • Elmstone Drive
  • Fulmead Rd
  • Hartland Rd
  • Heath Rd
  • Hewitt Ave
  • Hexham Rd estate
  • Highdown Hill Rd
  • Home Farm Close
  • Ivydene (Portman Road)
  • Kidmore Rd/Gravel Hill
  • Liverpool Rd
  • London Rd
  • Loverock Rd
  • Lowfield Rd
  • Marlborough Avenue
  • New Lane Hill
  • Orts Rd
  • Prospect Park
  • Regis Park Road
  • Rivermead
  • Rupert St
  • Sheridan Ave
  • Silverthorne Drive
  • Southcote Lane
  • St Mary Butts
  • The Mount
  • Tredegar Rd
  • Virginia Way/Southcote Lane
  • Waybrook Cres.
  • Westdene Cres.
  • Western Elms Ave
  • Westfield Road Rec
  • Whitley Street
  • Whitley Wood Rd
  • Wokingham Rd
  • Wrenfield Drive

If you have any ideas for locations for trees to be planted in the next planting season (around November 2021) let Green group leader Rob White know at

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Reading Tree Wardens work on getting more trees for Reading, more information here

Another local organisation, Ethical Reading, are working with the Tree Wardens and the council to raise money to get more trees planted:

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