Housing help and debt advice this winter

10 November 2020

Redlands Green councillor Jamie Whitham and local campaigner David McElroy to picking on the Hexham Road estate

Redlands Green councillor Jamie Whitham and local campaigner David McElroy to picking on the Hexham Road estate

We all deserve a safe, warm, affordable home. Below is some of the support available now. Please don't think this letter is just to you, if you know anyone with housing needs pass it on.

If you live in rented accommodation and are worried about, or even threatened with eviction, you can contact Citizens Advice (www.rcab.org.uk) or Communicare (www.communicare.org.uk). The rules around evictions have changed under COVID, and you can get proper advice and support. Greens have been and will continue to campaign for more protection for renters.

If you are furloughed, unemployed, or struggling to make mortgage payments during covid, you can get help from the Council's own debt advice service www.reading.gov.uk/debtadvice. We need extraordinary support for extraordinary times.

As we enter winter, we need to make sure we all have a warm, damp-free home to live in. Draught Busters (www.readinguk.org/draughtbusters) can help, and there is also the government's Green Homes Grant of up to £10,000 available to help with insulation and low carbon heating (www.moneysavingexpert.com/utilities/green-homes-grant). This scheme must be better though, more installers and time to do the work are needed. We are lobbying the government on this.

If there is anything we can do to support you with housing or any other problems, please do get in touch, our contact details are at the top of this letter. We are looking forward to meeting you in the future and working together to make Redlands better.


Cllr Jamie Whitham (Redlands Ward Green councillor)

David McElroy (Redlands Ward Green campaigner)

Email jamie@readinggreenparty.org.uk or call David on 07557 987710.

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