“Universal Basic Income would allow people to self-isolate and pay bills” say Reading Greens

15 April 2020

Reading Greens are calling for the introduction of a Universal Basic Income scheme to cover essential needs for all. The Greens say that in these times of the COVID-19 crisis, people are struggling to put food on their table, and it is necessary to have a fair solution for all.

Jamie Whitham, Green councillor said: “There are many people caught between self-isolating and putting food on the table. An emergency Universal Basic Income would allow people self-isolate, eat and pay their bills.

Louise Keane, Green campaigner for Katesgrove added: “Greens have long stood for Universal Basic scheme and it is more important now than ever to protect our society, especially the most vulnerable.”

They say a Universal Basic Income would not be means tested and would cover basic needs such as food and bills. More than 170 MPs including Green MP Caroline Lucas recently wrote to Chancellor Rishi Sunak to call for an emergency Universal Basic Income.

The government has introduced measures to safeguard some people’s income. But MPs including Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, have pointed out that many people are still slipping between the gaps in the system and with the low level of Universal Credit payments, it does not meet the needs of a large number of self-employed workers.

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