Coronavirus Community Response – keep up the good work

24 March 2020

This email was sent out of supporters on March 24, 2020.

UPDATE: NHS volunteering page here


Dear supporter

I hope that this email finds you all well in these tough times!


The community response to the coronavirus is vital to keeping people healthy! I’m sure that you’ve been pulling together, looking out for your neighbours and generally remembering to be kind. Keep up the good work.


The latest NHS advice can be found here


The priority in the short term should be looking after everyone's basic needs especially the vulnerable! We have asked Reading council about a council tax holiday for those that need it. Reading Council has also made space available at the Queens Road car park for NHS workers, increased the grace period in permit parking areas to 10 minutes and removed the time restrictions on concessionary bus passes. Let me know what else the council could be doing to help?


Full Reading council coronavirus information here


Wokingham Council coronavirus information here


Because of the need to minimise contact we have suspended our usual Green Party year-round door knocking and advice surgeries. You can still contact us by phone or email though, but please bear in mind that with the current situation you might not get the usual quick response as we will need to prioritise the most vulnerable.


Reading Green Party councillor and campaigner contact details can be found here:


We are aware that many roads have set up electronic groups to keep in contact and support neighbours? Google groups, Facebook groups and Whatsapp groups all work well.


We are no longer delivering our regular newsletters or doing any mass leafleting however if you know of a vulnerable neighbour in Reading and can’t contact them by phone or electronically you can print out this leaflet and put it through their letterbox.


There are some links to key groups working to support residents here:


Reading council and the voluntary sector have set up the One Reading Community Support hub for people either needing help or offering it


Information on getting help or providing help in Wokingham here


Please forward this email on to anyone you know who might find this information useful. If you receive a forwarded email you can sign up for these email updates here


Keep up the good work!

Rob White


Green councillor, Reading


PS Keep up to date with what’s happening via the Reading Green Party Facebook page and Twitter account

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