Council cuts down 800 trees – Greens lobby to get young trees replanted

30 January 2020

Dave McElroy (right) and Brenda McGonigle (left) with a sapling (centre)

After the Council made an environmentally catastrophic blunder of mowing down 800 young trees, Greens are delighted that they have taken the time to stop the mowers and listen to the local residents who planted the 800 trees in the first place.

Redlands campaigner David McElroy said, "The tragedy of the Council accidentally cutting down 800 young trees in Palmer Park has meant that the community has rallied again and helped with replanting hundreds of saplings. Greens have got the Council to replant the trees which died in Cintra Park. We'll keep lobbying for more trees locally."

Councillor Brenda McGonigle said, "Green councillors have got new and replacement trees all over East Reading. You could plant a tree in your garden or support a community funded tree by donating to Ethical Reading's Trees for Reading initiative."


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