Green Party MP candidates selected for Reading East, West, Wokingham

12 November 2019

Following the vote to approve a snap general election for 12 December 2019, Reading and Wokingham Green Party has selected David McElroy as candidate for the Reading East parliamentary constituency, as well as Jamie Whitham for the Reading West constituency and Kizzi Johannessen for Wokingham.

David McElroy campaigning to protect Reading's libraries.

David (right) campaigning

David McElroy said: “Living in Reading with a young family, my vision is for a fair, cleaner future for all of us. This includes fighting climate change, global engagement by Remaining in Europe and defending our precious public services from punitive Tory cuts - the now closed Arthur Hill swimming pool should be reopened for example! Reading East deserves change, it deserves to Remain, and it needs fresh ideas.”

Jamie Whitham is the candidate for Reading West, he lives in Reading and is a Green Party councillor locally. He said: “I am honoured to be standing in Reading West. Following declarations of a climate emergency around the county, we now need action. We need a properly funded Green New Deal to insulate homes, generate renewable energy and create decent jobs. We only have one planet and one chance. If elected I will stand up for public services, for a People's Vote where I would campaign to remain and for real action on climate change.”

Kizzi Johannessen lives in Wokingham with her wife and family. Commenting on Brexit, Kizzi said: “In Wokingham, we voted overwhelmingly to remain part of the EU and every day I talk to people and hear just how worried they are about government’s plans for an extreme Brexit.  I will stand up for EU nationals, for action on the climate emergency, and for protecting our hard-won workers’ rights. I pledge to fight tooth and nail for for a People's Vote on any Brexit deal and I would campaign for remain.”


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