Green MEP visits Reading to promise thousands of new jobs as part of Green New Deal

30 October 2019

Alex Phillips MEP with local Green councillors and campaigners

Local Green MEP Alexandra Phillips rolled into Reading on Sunday morning on a fully electric tour bus for the third day of her Green New Deal Tour. 

Alexandra Phillips is currently on a five day tour of the South East, during which she is talking to residents about her plans for a Green New Deal.

She’s also launching a report looking into how such a deal might generate thousands of new jobs in the region.

The Rising Sun community centre was packed out with local activists and Green Party members who had travelled as far Basingstoke to hear Alex talk on her plans to transform Reading’s jobs market and local economy.

‘There’s so much great work going on in Reading – it’s incredible to see how many people are willing to give up their Sunday mornings to get involved with local politics,’ she said.

‘It’s incredibly uplifting to meet with such passionate, knowledgeable communities who are devoted to transforming the south east into a hub of positive action.’

The report, which will be available to read online from next week, looks at how the climate crisis can be tackled via the creation of new ‘green’ jobs and investment in clean energy. Not simply a pack of environmental policies, it also looks at social justice – focussing largely on employment and fuel poverty. 

In towns like Dover, for example, for every £1 invested into proper insulation, £1.60 is recirculated into the local economy. On the Isle of Wight, Alex estimates that a Green New Deal could quadruple the number of new ‘green’ jobs, over a 13 year period. 

‘Against the backdrop of Brexit, it's easy to lose perspective on our most important fight: that of climate breakdown. A Green New Deal is the best way to combat this,’ Ms Phillips continued.

‘The science is clear; if we fail to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees, we will face catastrophe on an unprecedented scale.

‘A Green New Deal meets the scale of this challenge, making the transition to renewable energy, investing in energy efficient jobs, greening our transport system, and creating a million new green jobs.’

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