Crossing patrols saved, and other road safety

10 October 2019

Jamie Whitham with crossing guard

Newly elected Redlands Green councillor Jamie Whitham campaigning to save Erleigh Road crossing patrol.

After campaigning by Redlands Green councillor Jamie Whitham and campaigner David McElroy the council has reversed the decision to cut crossing patrol budgets for now. Reading's Labour Council were planning to cut money across the town including at the Redlands primary school one on Erleigh Road and the one on Crescent Road.

Jamie Whitham, newly elected Redlands Green councillor said, "Keeping people safe is a top priority for us. Now that the crossing patrol budget has been saved, we are working to improve road safety on Blenheim Gardens."

Rob White, one of the Green councillors for Park Ward, said, "Now that the Alfred Sutton crossing patrol budget has been saved, we are working to get a crossing patrol back on Crescent Road and helping children cross."

Greens have also been supporting residents raising concerns about the new zebra crossing by Palmer Park. Following a petition some minor improvements have been made and the council is reviewing the situation further.

Rob concluded, "The more members we have the more we can get done on everything from road safety to climate change. Please consider joining the Green Party."

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