“Lipstick on a pig”: Greens slam new river road plans

16 November 2018

David McElroy, Green Party campaigner, by the Thames with Reading’s three Green Party councillors Brenda McGonigle, Rob White and Josh Williams.

Reading Greens have slammed Labour’s resubmitted plans to build a road along the River Thames, saying the minor revisions are “like putting lipstick on a pig”.

The proposed road, which Reading Council says would initially be for buses, would run from near the Wokingham Waterside Centre on the River Thames to Napier Road just past Tesco. Changes to the scheme from the original planning application are all superficial in nature, seeking to make the large concrete structure blend in better with the natural surroundings.

David McElroy, Green Party campaigner, said: “Back in May of this year Green Councillor on Planning, Josh Williams, pulled apart any argument for this awful road by the Thames in a video that has now gone viral.

“Now, after already spending over half a million pounds on this failed scheme, the Labour-led Council are astonishingly pushing their plans again. The superficial changes to the plans are fooling no-one; it’s like putting lipstick on a pig. The Council’s own modelling shows that this scheme would do nothing to tackle congestion and air pollution problems on London Road, but would definitely lead to the loss of much-loved green space and woodland which benefits the health and well-being of the people of East Reading.”

Brenda McGonigle, Green Party councillor added: “If you enjoy a walk by the Thames and care about preserving green space in Reading, then I urge you to object to this planning application.”

Residents in Reading can view the planning application documents and comment on the proposals via this website: http://planning.reading.gov.uk/fastweb_PL/detail.asp?AltRef=181822

Residents in Wokingham can view the planning documents and comment on the proposals via this website: https://planning.wokingham.gov.uk/FastWebPL/detail.asp?AltRef=182892

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