Road by the Thames – How to Decorate a Half-a-million Pound White Elephant

20 September 2018

David McElroy. With a bottle. By the river. Also there's some boats and stuff, I guess?

Outrageously Reading and Wokingham are pressing ahead with updated designs for a new road by the Thames. Greens urge people to get involved with the SOAR campaign against this scheme.

After Reading Council's plans for a devastating road by the Thames were thrown out by Wokingham's Planning Authority a few months ago, Reading Borough Council have been working away behind closed doors to mitigate all the issues that Wokingham raised – from its ruining of local amenity space beside a much-loved river, to the fact that it wont affect pollution or congestion in East Reading, and they've come up with the following consultation: 

David McElroy, Redlands ward Green Campaigner, said: "Only the last two boards are relevant as the first three are just repeats of the old scheme, and the last two suggest some window boxes and changing the colour of the concrete. Having wasted over half a million pounds of tax payers money on a scheme literally no one wants (with the exception of Reading's Lead Councillor for Transport) in a place literally no one wants it, they would now like people in Reading and Wokingham to let them know what colour they'd like it to be.

"Take a look at the exhibition boards and let the Council know what you think. The first scheme was an ill-advised attempt to circumvent all of its own planning policies. Asking people if they'd like rusty beams with their concrete flyover is close to becoming insulting. 

"But people love east Reading and its two rivers. See how a whole host of local residents have come together to oppose the Council's plans – check out S.O.A.R.; the local campaign group has a new website (; and get involved!"

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