Consultation on cuts to bus passes for disabled passengers

6 June 2018

Greens are concerned about cuts to bus passes for disabled passengers and urge people to respond to the consultation.

Reading Borough Council is conducting a consultation on their proposal to restrict the hours disabled pass (Access Pass) holders can travel for free, and to scrap free travel for disabled pass holders' companions (currently using the Access Plus Companion pass). In addition, Readibus services will no longer be free for Access Pass holders who meet the current eligibility criteria for free travel.

At present, disabled pass holders can travel for free at any time on Reading Buses and companion bus passes allow companions to board for free for those who have them. The proposal is to restrict free travel for about 6000 Access Pass holders on buses before 9.30 a.m. and after 11 p.m. and to scrap companion passes altogether.

Councillor Brenda McGonigle of the Reading Green Party said "We are very concerned about this cut to essential services for some of the most vulnerable in our society. It will restrict people's ability to travel and get to things like critical hospital appointments during the rush hour. We urge people to respond to the consultation."

Respond to the online questionnaire at:

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