Success in Park and within touching distance in Redlands

4 May 2018

Green councillor Rob White has been re-elected in Park Ward and Kizzi Johannessen consolidated her 2nd place in Redlands.

Rob said: "It was a great night for the local Green Party yesterday. We have worked hard year-round – to get Arthur Hill reopened, to stop Labour's Road by the Thames and improve road safety and parking. It is good that people have noticed this work, put their trust in us and voted Green Party."

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In Park Ward Rob was re-elected with 52% of the vote despite some "desperate last-minute campaigning by Labour."

In Redlands Ward Kizzi Johannessen consolidated her 2nd place going from a 19% of the votes cast up to a "whopping" 29%. This is a great 2nd place within touching distance of Labour.

Kizzi Johannessen said: "Thanks to everyone who has supported the local Green Party. Much appreciated. We will be back."

Reading Council election results here:

Wokingham Council election results here:

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