Reading Greens launch campaign for a more caring town

10 April 2018

The Green Party will be standing a candidate in every Reading ward for the council elections on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018. Councillor Rob White is up for re-election for his third term and candidate for Redlands, Kizzi Johannessen, is looking to improve on last year’s second place.

Green Party Candidate Kizzi Johannessen, who took second place last time and is working for a win this time, said: “in Reading Green candidates like councillor Rob White in Park Ward are the real opposition to Labour locally and the government nationally. The three Green councillors and our campaigners have a track record of hard work including working with the community to save Arthur Hill swimming pool, standing up for children’s centres and protecting green spaces.”

"The more Green Party councillors people elect in May, the more of a difference we will be able to make. Vote Green Party on Thursday May 3rd for principled, courageous policies and a more caring town. But don’t just vote Green, get involved and make a difference."

See below for a full list of Green Party candidates:

Abbey  Brent Smith
Battle  Fiona Cox
Caversham  David Foster 
Church  Kat McCann 
Katesgrove  Louise Keane
Kentwood  Richard Walkem
Mapledurham  (no election) 
Minster  Willem Londeman 
Norcot  Jill Wigmore-Welsh 
Park  Rob White 
Peppard  Doug Cresswell 
Redlands  Kizzi Johannessen 
Southcote  Amanda Walsh 
Thames  Sarah McNamara 
Tilehurst Jamie Whitham
Whitley Lucy Mortlock

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