Prepare for Reading Big Lunch 2018 with a neighbourly get together this summer

14 August 2017

Following on from the success of this year’s Big Lunch, Green Party Councillor, Rob White is encouraging people to organise small community gatherings in August.

Since beginning in 2009, the Big Lunch has been using food to bring streets and communities together.  This year the Big Lunch partnered with the Jo Cox Foundation in aiming to get communities to come together to celebrate connections and commonality. It is estimated that there were over 20 events held in Reading throughout June and July 2017, which is fantastic and shows the great community spirit of the town. The Green Party is trying to build on this success by encouraging communities that have not already tried one to organise a social street event during August. This can be anything; a small pavement party with a few nibbles, a garden gathering with a BBQ, or a street shindig with bunting and balloons.  

Councillor Rob White says “Reading was ranked 3rd friendliest town last year and by the Big Lunch organisers and these smaller events are a great way to encourage more people to get involved. Why not organise an event for your road and get to know your neighbours better?”

By starting small it is hoped that friendships will be made and ideas for Big Lunch 2018 events discussed. 

To organise an event simply choose a venue, pick a date, put out a simple leaflet or poster to invite people, plan the food, music and decorations and then try to encourage as many people as possible to get involved and have fun.


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