Greens select candidates for Reading West and Wokingham

11 May 2017

Jamie Whitham

Reading Green Party has selected Jamie Whitham for the Reading West constituency and Russell Seymour for Wokingham.

Jamie Whitham, candidate for Reading West, lives in Reading and has been a Green Party councillor before. He said: “I am honoured to be standing in Reading West. Unfortunately, because of government cuts Reading Council is slashing vital public services. 9 out of 13 children’s centres are to be closed for example. If elected as the MP for Reading West I would be actively opposing devastating cuts to public services like this and making the case for more investment, which will save money in the medium term. I will stand up for what matters.”

You can follow his campaign at:

Russell Seymour

Commenting on the national air quality crisis, Russell Seymour, candidate for Wokingham, said: “A number of air quality management areas have been created because of poor air quality in Wokingham. While the Government dithers around with half measures and evasion, the Green Party is promising to invest in the solutions we know will clean up our air. We want a walking and cycling revolution to replace the diesel fuelled congestion that’s choking Britain.

“The air quality crisis in the UK is now a public health emergency, costing the NHS billions of pounds. But the Green Party has clear policy solutions which will transform our transport system to take us away from diesel, make polluting companies pay, and rapidly roll out renewables. People are ready for something new and only the Greens will build the confident and caring country we need to be.”

Kizzi Johannessen has already been selected for Reading East. Kizzi who lives in east Reading and finished in second place for the Green Party in Redlands Ward at the local elections in 2016 said: “In Reading East, it is only the Green Party who has opposed the closure of children’s centres, supported campaigners working to reopen Arthur Hill swimming pool, and stood up for our green spaces by opposing plans for a road by the Thames. If elected, I will continue to stand up for people on local issues like these and I will continue to oppose a hard Brexit.”

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