Reading East Greens call for unity to defeat the Tories

9 May 2017

Kizzi Johannessen


The Green Party in Reading is today issuing a call to Labour and the Lib Dems in Reading East to join together in a united push to form a progressive alliance and block a hard Brexit for the constituency.

Kizzi Johannessen Green Parliamentary Candidate for Reading East, who finished in 2nd place in Redlands Ward in 2016, said “Lots of people I talk to right across the spectrum, whether, Labour, Lib Dem or Green, are terrified by the prospect of a landslide Tory victory on June 8th. What they want most of all is for progressive politicians to work together to prevent this from happening.

“As well as opposing a hard Brexit, for the good of people and the environment, I would hope that a progressive candidate might support policies such as investment in local authorities. This would enable Council’s such as Reading to stop cutting vital public services like children’s centres and swimming pools.

“I am sure that, with goodwill and a few concessions on all sides, we can combine forces to defeat the Tories here and to ensure that in Reading East we play our part in avoiding a national disaster.

“The crucial thing is that it takes three to tango in this constituency. If two out of three parties come to an arrangement and the third refuses to participate, then we’re making worthy gestures with no real bite. The electoral arithmetic here means it has to be a three-way arrangement to give voters a real alternative to the Tories.

“We need to stand up together for what matters.”

Caroline Lucas, national co-leader of the Green Party, has been prominent since the 2015 election in advocating progressive alliances in which local parties enter mutually beneficial arrangements to promote proportional representation for future parliamentary elections.


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