Business parking levy to tackle congestion and raise money for green transport

17 February 2017

Reading Borough Council sign
Reading Green Party wants the Council to investigate a workplace parking levy on medium-sized, and larger, businesses to raise money for sustainable transport, tackle air pollution and reduce congestion. 

With the 2000 Transport Act, local councils can charge a levy on businesses in their borough who provide workplace parking. The council would also have the power to exempt organisations and offer discounts. At the Council meeting on Feb 21st, Green Party Councillors in Reading will be calling on the Council to investigate how this might work in Reading.

Green Party councillor Josh Williams says, “we can see a great scheme up and running in Nottingham already, raising millions in revenue every year and persuading more and more people to ditch their car and get to work by bike, bus and on foot. We can’t pretend we are the same size town as Nottingham, or have the same demographics, so what we need is to investigate and produce a scheme that works for Reading.”

Businesses would be asked to pay a small annual fee for each parking space, raising money for Reading Borough Council to invest in its cycling infrastructure and its public transport.

Josh adds, “businesses in Nottingham have converted parking spaces into cycle parking, or put in new shower facilities and changing rooms to help their staff cycle in to work. Even a small shift away from cars at rush-hour will be a help to Reading’s congested roads and polluted air.”

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