Donate to get Greens elected and improve the area

We work hard, year-round to make Reading and Wokingham fairer, healthier and more affordable but we need funding to get our positive message out to people.

It costs £20 to print 100 glowing green window posters, £100 to print 4000 newsletters and £500 to stand in a general election.

We in the Green Party don't have big business donors but that means that we do have to ask our supporters and party members to dig deep and to contribute as much as they can.

Thanks in advance for donating and making a difference.


How to donate


By Paypal

To donate via Paypal, please use this link, why not tick the box to make it a regular amount(£3 per month for example)?


By cheque

Please make your cheque payable to "Reading and Wokingham Green Party" and send to:

Rob White
Reading Green Party 
69 Coventry Road
Reading RG1 3ND

Please include your name, address and phone number, in case we have any questions.

By bank transfer

Email: to find out our bank details. You can set up a regular transfer or make a one-off payment.,